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Accounting Service



In accordance with the Budget and Accounting Regulation of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey and the Budget items; To carry out all financial activities related to the accounting transactions of our chamber. To follow the personnel transactions related to the personnel. To perform the duty of the treasurer.



1. Accounting

    In accordance with the Budget and Accounting Regulation of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey and the Budget items; To keep the accounting records, to report and to print, store and preserve the accounting records in the relevant books required by the legislation, in accordance with the principles that will enable the determination, evaluation and results of the assets, debts and receivables of the Chamber, and their changes.

To prepare the payment orders and to make the payments so that the consumption is made in accordance with the budget, the provisions of the budget instructions, the provisions of the legislation and TOBB Regulations, the decisions of the Assembly and the Board of Directors.

    Preserving valuable documents such as bonds and stocks, Arranging and following lease agreements. Keeping tender and tender documents. To prepare monthly and annual trial balances and balance sheets and submit them to the Board of Directors, Budget Committee and Parliament. To prepare the annual budget, final accounts and related reports and monthly balance sheets, to propose transfer requests between budget chapters and articles to the Board of Directors and the Assembly in a timely manner. To take decisions on the recommendations of the Budget Committee. Preservation, maintenance and repair of building installations and fixtures, numbering and fixtures; To follow the compliance with the fixtures book, to ensure that the fixtures books are kept. To carry out other works of the accounting legislation related to the chamber, To ensure the compliance of the works with the laws and regulations, the budget regulation, the budget.

    Printing and keeping the statutory books in accordance with the laws and regulations.


2. Collections

    Based on the services to be provided in the budget and the fees to be collected from the approved and issued documents; Making all kinds of collection transactions from our chamber members and other persons. Room dues, rental income, collection of activity costs, Issuance of receipts, Accounting and recording of the transactions in the legal books.


3. Payments

    Based on the Expenditure Budget; All payments made in return for the service received are recorded in the legal books by issuing and accounting the receipts.


4. Membership Procedures

    Determination of annual and additional dues belonging to our chamber members and their notification to relevant members, accrual and collection of annual membership dues and additional dues and follow-up. Follow-up and reporting of receivables to the Secretary General. To determine the status of the members to be suspended and to be suspended and to present them to the Secretary General. To prepare the information of the members who have left the tax office as of the end of the year, to present them to the Board of Directors and the Assembly.


5.Personnel Transactions

    Keeping personnel files, preparing personnel files of employed personnel. To follow the personnel transactions of the personnel (health, pension fund, payroll, etc.)

    Following the personnel payrolls, making their payrolls. Monthly tax and insurance declarations and/or declarations etc. to prepare and give timely to the relevant places.

    To store and preserve the records and documents that must be legally given and kept, such as payroll, premium statements, declarations, according to their retention periods.


6. Purchase

    To receive offers, to submit them to the General Secretariat for evaluation, to carry out purchase and sale transactions after acceptance, to follow up and report the material received, in all kinds of purchasing activities to be used for the needs of the Chamber.


7. Routine Correspondence and Retention of Documents

    To make the necessary correspondence regarding the transfers from the letters sent to our chamber by various institutions and organizations.

    Lease Contracts, Tenders and bids to be filed separately and in an understandable way, and their preservation.


8. Cashier

    To carry out the money entry and exit transactions of the room in accordance with the legislation.


9. Fulfilling the Duties of the Other Chamber assigned by the General Secretary.