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Capacity Report

In order to prepare a Capacity Report,

· Being a registered company only in our Chamber,

· Capacity reports of industrial enterprises whose working areas are registered to more than one room separately, to be prepared by the room where the facility is located,

· According to article 9 of the law numbered 5174, the capacity reports of the branches and factories that have to register with the room where they are located should be prepared by the room where they are located.

Documents to be Requested During Capacity Report Application

 (1) The original or notarized copy of the circular of signature indicating that the person requesting the capacity report is authorized to represent the company,

(2) If the company is the owner, the copy of the title deed of the workplace, if the owner is not the owner, the lease agreements of the building and workplace that are rented, the photocopy of the title deed or title deed allocation document for the companies located in the Organized Industrial Zones,

(3) SSI declarations and accrual slips for the last month regarding the personnel at the workplace where a capacity report will be issued,

(4) The total value of the machinery and equipment owned by the company in the workplace in the balance sheet approved by the Certified Public Accountant or Financial Advisor,

(5) Certified Public Accountant or Certified Public Accountant approved list of machinery and equipment owned by the company in the workplace,

(6) For the leased machinery-equipment, together with the lease agreement, the parties' circular of signature/signature statement; subcontractor contract, if any, leasing contract, proforma invoice and payment schedule of the leasing,

(7) Photocopy of industrial registration certificate, if any,

(8) Tax plate photocopy,

(9) List of Quality Certificates and certificates, if any, and their photocopies (ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 22000 certificate, CE, Trademark registration certificate, Patent usage certificate, Know-how contract, License contract, Environmental permit certificate, HACCP certificate etc.) ,

(10) Mining license in mines, lease agreement if the license is leased.

Situations that will necessitate the cancellation of the Capacity Report

Valid capacity reports of companies,

1. Address change due to the relocation of the workplace to another address,

2. Transfer of the facility to another company, leasing it partially or completely,

3. The company's loss of industrialism and productivity.

4. Dissolution or bankruptcy of the organization,

The death of the owner of the company in the 5th party companies,

6. It is determined that the company stops production or that the workplace is constantly closed,

7. Deletion of the company record by the chamber for any reason,

8. Changing the company's field of activity or transferring the workplace to another room's work area,

9. In the event that the machinery and installations are destroyed due to natural disasters and it is determined that they are inoperable for a long time, they are canceled by the Chambers based on the above reasons and the Union is notified.