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Chamber Register Service

The chamber registry unit performs the following actions in line with the requests:

The chamber registry unit makes new registrations and changes (share transfers, changes in address, change in the subject of business, capital increases, change of title) taking into account the Trade Registry Office Documents.

Notary documents stating the subject of occupation, title, address, copy of identity card, photo and Chamber registration statement are requested from those who come to register. (The room registration declaration to be filled in is obtained from the Chamber in an empty form. The chamber declaration is filled again in all changes, except for address changes.)


In the new registration process, the member is given a registration number, an identity card showing that he is a member of our Chamber, and a workplace sign with the company title and the Chamber number. If they want, they can also get an activity certificate.

Our member who wants to deregister from our chamber must submit a letter of resignation (a sample of the petition can be obtained from our chamber) and documents stating that his registration with the tax office has been deleted or that he has gained the title of industrialist or that he is registered with other professional organizations established by law (Chamber of Pharmacists, SMMO). If the member has debts, the deregistration process is carried out after collection.

When our members terminate their commercial activities, they dismiss them from the Tax Office, Social Security and Regional Labor Directorates through their accountants, and forget to request the cancellation of their records at the Trade Registry Office and our chamber.

Since the registration of the member in our chamber is not deleted, dues accruals cause debt and delay interest calculation. Also; Since our chamber's records are taken as a basis at Bağ-Kur, our members are also in debt to this institution and there are problems in calculating their retirement periods.

When the commercial activity is terminated, it will be in the interest of our members to leave the Chamber registration as well.

Also; The documents obtained from Bağ-Kur by members who want to cancel their registration from Bağ-Kur, whose health card visa has expired or who will retire, are approved by the Chamber Registry.

The Chamber Registry Unit can also provide samples of the information in the registry files upon request. It conveys the issues that individuals and institutions want to be conveyed to the members, and gives the requested information about the members to the individuals and institutions.


The following documents are also given to our members by the Chamber Registry Unit:

Chamber Registry Copy, Commercial Residence Certificate, Document Showing No Prohibition Decision Preventing Participation in State Tenders It is a document showing whether the companies are prohibited from participating in public tenders according to the State Procurement Law. Registration Plate, Oral application is sufficient to obtain this document.

Room ID Card; One passport size photograph and Identity Card must be submitted.

Reputation Certificate

It is the document that shows whether the company (except A.Ş.) has bankruptcy, liquidation and concordat status. In order to obtain this document, a petition must be written to the Kayseri Chamber of Commerce.

Partnership Certificate

It is the document that presents who the partners of the company are. (Except A.Ş.) In order to obtain this document, a petition must be written to the Zile Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Document Proof of Non-Independent Work

When it is requested to document whether the member works independently on his own behalf and account between the date of dismissal from the tax office and the date his registration is deleted from the Chamber of Commerce, upon application to our Chamber with a petition, the request is met in writing.

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Active Membership Return