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Domestic Trade Service Duty and Definition

Organizing and keeping the registry files of the members, keeping the registry book, tracking and determining the changes in the status of the members and duly processing them into the books.

Regularly updating information about members.

Ensuring that the addresses of the members whose addresses cannot be found are determined by searching.

Completing all kinds of preparatory work for the grouping and grading of the members, taking the necessary actions according to the decisions taken by the board of directors.

Determining the members whose records should be deleted or whose debts will need to be cancelled.

Arranging documents containing commercial information of real/legal persons given to official and private institutions.

Determining whether he is barred from professional activity in accordance with the regulation in subparagraph (g) of Article 10 of the Public Procurement Law No. 4734.

Determining whether there is a domestic bidder in accordance with the regulations issued in accordance with the 53rd article of the Public Procurement Law No. 4734.

Determining whether you have been banned from public tenders.

Ensuring that the registry information of the members who apply for loan requests from the banks with which the chamber is contracted can be accessed.

Determining the commercial status of the member.

Confirmation of the signatures of the members according to their requests.

Notifying the membership and registration status of the members to the Social Security Institution.

Arranging identity cards to increase the commercial activities of our members and to ensure solidarity among our members.

Informing the members about the changing conditions related to the insurance profession.

Preparation of documents showing the production capacities of the members.

Conducting market researches needed by public and private institutions.

Preparation of the licenses of the owners of the construction equipment registered / not registered in our chamber.

Keeping records for apprentices and journeymen working for members.

Preparation of documents given to non-members of our chamber.

Preparation of membership dues and additional dues lists.

Notifying the members for the collection of member dues and reaching an agreement with them.

Identification and presentation to the General Secretariat of the members who left the trade, could not be found at their address, whose status could not be determined, and did not pay their dues debts, in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code and the Law No. 5174.