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Added Date : 05-03-2018

Aksaray Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ahmet Koçaş'a, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is pleased to announce that the organization of the ATSO members participating in the UNICERA fair, where many products such as bathroom products, floor and wall coverings, ceramic processing technologies, kitchen products, decoration products, packaging, storage, thank you.

Members of an exhibition than bringing manic happiness expressing their experiences ACCI The President Ahmet Kocas it has made statement on "Turkey's largest specialty and brand value by ensuring the participation of the highest fair, UNICERA member of the fair, we have met them a larger fairs.

UNICERA Fair, which will showcase a large number of product groups such as bathroom products, floor-wall coatings, ceramic processing technologies, kitchen products, decoration products, packaging, storage, etc., was to have ownership.

Among them are Akgün Ceramic, Anka Ceramic, Bien Ceramic, Creavit, Ege Seramik, ECA SEREL, Etili Ceramic, Duratiles, Decovita, Graniser, Granito, Güral, Hansgrohe, Kale, Kütahya Seramik, Idevit, İSVEA, Seranit, Schell, Seramiksan, Seranova Umpaş , Uşak, Yurtbay, Yüksel Seramik, Vitra, etc., showed innovative products developed with modern technology to our members. In addition, companies from Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Egypt, India, China, Taiwan, Serbia and Iran, which have been shown as chief actor countries in ceramic production in the world order, also exhibited new products and models at UNICERA.

In this sense, our members have found the opportunity to examine their products in the global representatives of the sector in large companies around the world. I wish the fair organization will bring goodies to our members. "