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Added Date : 25-10-2018

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Antalya Yorex (Local Products) fair by introducing our city, gives visitors information about Aksaray and our business world.

This year 9.def edited and Anatolia's cultural values ​​as well as our country 81 that introduction of local products in the province and Turkey's Antalya invention where the Local Products Fair, the ACCI Board of Directors mark contributions with a full squad, found the explanation ACCI President Cüneyt Meteors for the fair.

YÖREX Regional Products Fair, produced or cultivated by the name of the region of agricultural products, food products, handicrafts and industrial products are organized to promote an organization on a national and global scale underlining that the organization ATSO Chairman Cüneyt Göktaş, in his statement; Y This year, we take place as the Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the YÖREX Fair, where local products are supported by the commercialization processes, branding in the regional products is provided, the value added of the local products are increased, the economic capacities of the enterprises that produce the regional products are improved and the local products are handled as the purpose of the public. Providing information about Aksaray to our exhibitors by exhibiting the local products of our city in our presentation booth. In order to invest in Aksaray, we contribute to the promotion of our city by explaining all the items and why they should choose Aksaray. The interest to our booth on the first day was worth seeing. As the pioneer company of Aksaray business world, we represent and promote our city in the best possible way. In recent years, Aksaray's promotion at the point of branding and advertising has reached the highest levels. Our public institutions, municipalities and non-governmental organizations, our city gives great importance to the promotion. If we introduce Aksaray in different places in different places, our city will reach such a great distance. In this sense, we are here today, we continue to introduce our 81 provinces of Aksaray in Turkey invention with another term that Yörex fair "he said.