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Added Date : 17-12-2018

Ak Parti Aksaray Mayor Candidate Evren Dinçer made a visit to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry which is the leading company of the business world last weekend and Hasbihal with ATSO Board of Directors and Assembly Members.

Ak Party provincial chairman Hüseyin Altınsoy and ATSO delegation made a delegation visit the Party Management, the public and the business world, if you come to work with the appreciation of Aksaray and Aksaray will do more for the industry said.

Ak Parti Aksaray Municipality Mayor Candidate Evren Dinçer made a statement during the visit with the slogan ile We will lead the City Together ren. 's land, Hasan Mountain' s Hundred Flux, Yiğitler, Evliyalar and the city of honest people Aksaray together. No doubt that I will work for Aksaray as a brother who has spent his childhood in the streets of this city and where his educational life draws its air in every neighborhood that is finished in the schools of this city. We learned something very clear from our elders that the room is to serve Hakka to serve Hakka. We are aware of the greatness of the road and the confidence in us. We will make Aksaray an exemplary city in this field with the permission of Allah. Yür

ATSO President Cüneyt Göktaş also said that; Iştir In recent years, Aksaray has carried out successful works in many fields, especially in industry. We, the representatives of the business world, always want to have better places in our city. Aksaray Municipality and Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry have been inseparable parts in every period of their history. The Municipality and the Business World are never inseparable so you can never grow without a city industry. In this sense, we will continue to work together in every field with our Municipality. We wish you well wishes and wishes and wish you success on your behalf in the name of our Business World and wish you success. Çıktı

While emphasizing the importance of unity and unity in ATSO Assembly President Fatih Tekin, he said; . To date, we have been honored and happy to work under the cooperation of our municipality, which is the largest representative of our city. I would like to know that we will be working to work together and bring Aksaray together in a much better place in the future. We will act as the people who believe in the power of the common mind, regardless of which candidate our party comes to Aksaray Municipality. In this sense, Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the name of the Assembly on behalf of the Candidate wish you success wishes Bu said.