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Aksaray Business People Continue Their Acceleration In Exports

Added Date : 04-03-2022


While Aksaray's record in exports in 2021 continued in January 2022, our city, which did not break the tradition, broke another record in export figures by carrying the record to February.

ATSO President Cüneyt Göktaş, who made a statement on the subject, said, “According to the export figures announced at the February meeting of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, the exports of goods and services realized in our province Aksaray increased by 105% compared to the previous February and reached 16.1 Million Dollars and reached the highest level in the history of the Republic. exports took its place as a record in February.

Despite the negative effects of the political and military tensions on trade in the world and especially in our region, our province Aksaray does not let go of the increasing export momentum it has achieved with its record exports almost every month. In February, the most exported countries were Bulgaria, India and Egypt, while the most exported products were machinery and accessories, aquaculture and animal products, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Compared to February of last year, it is seen that there is an increasing rate of exports to the United Kingdom, Colombia and Georgia.

All kinds of products and services are exported from our city Aksaray to almost every country in the world. Our city, which is a center of attraction for investors, is a brand city whose trade volume is growing day by day in the triangle of exports, employment and added value. Finally, we will always continue to stand by our exporting companies from Aksaray,” he said.