Added Date : 03-08-2018

As regards the US sanctions against Turkey, Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Cuneyt written statement was made by the Meteors.

It is unacceptable that sanctions and the business community as Chairman of ACCI indicating they will support every step taken by our government Meteors, also made a statement, "US President Donald Trump's need with each passing day the Middle East should the Far East and as for western countries unfounded motions job up to practice on Turkey scored consistently we never accept it as a world.

A terrorist organization leader like FETO would like to stand up to a country that gives the right to live in the best conditions in the country and give us lessons of justice.

 Who come to work every state in the country without discrimination on sanctions put shield in Turkey will be there when the United States realized that he would never succumb to the threats we wonder.

This nation is not a nation that would submit to the sanctions and games of external powers, even though it was not bowed to even the greatest treasurers like July 15th. Throughout history, as the games played on our state have been distorted many times, the will of our Lord and the gratitude of our nationality will not arrive in these games.

As it has been till today, we will try to break all the games by acting together with our Milletiz and İş Dünyamız which will be against all the games against our State.

We want it to be known that Aksaray will be behind the Ministry of Interior and Justice beside the State of the Business World. "