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Added Date : 06-04-2022

In Aksaray, which closed the year 2021 at a record level in exports and entered the year 2022 with new records, the figures announced in March continue to make people smile.

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman of the Board of Directors Cüneyt Göktaş said, “According to the data received by our Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Export Support Office from the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), Aksaray's export figures increased by 103.7% compared to January of the previous year. It was $25.03 Million.

When the March of previous years is taken as a reference, exports set a new record. The first three countries with the highest exports in March are Egypt, Bulgaria and Iraq, respectively. The most exported products are machinery and accessories (14.88 million $), aquaculture and animal products (3.07 million $) and ferrous and non-ferrous metals (2.74 million $). The first three sectors, which grew by percentage compared to March of the previous year, were textile, ready-made clothing and ferrous and non-ferrous metals industries.

When we look at the numbers, we can easily state that Aksaray has shown an incredible growth especially in the textile sector. It is an obvious fact that Aksaray will become the new textile center of Turkey in the coming years. As Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the leading institution of the Business World, we will continue to work uninterruptedly for the industry in our city to be in a better place. We believe that our city will be the new industrial city of Turkey and will be among the provinces that make the biggest contribution to our country.