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Animal Hospital Is A Turning Point For Aksaray Livestock

Added Date : 06-02-2020

Aksaray University (ASÜ) Rector. Dr. Yusuf Şahin said that the Animal Hospital, which represents an important area in terms of contribution to the city, will be a turning point for the animal husbandry of the city.

- Animal Hospital is a must for Aksaray -

Speaking at the opening of the "Ahiler Development Agency Aksaray University Veterinary Faculty Animal Hospital Guided Project Preliminary Agreement Meeting", Şahin stated that they thanked everyone who contributed to the process from the very beginning. After the establishment of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, ASU Rector stated that they tried to develop and increase both educational opportunities and contribution to the city in good faith and in terms of opportunities and that the main problems of the Faculty were solved. Underlining that an important parameter of further improving the studies of the faculty and increasing the contribution to the city and the region is the animal hospital. Şahin said, “This issue is very important for our city, because Aksaray is largely a city of agriculture and animal husbandry. In our opinion, animal hospital is among the sine qua non for Aksaray. Designed with the full potential of the city and the region, our hospital will be a turning point for Aksaray livestock. ” Noting that the meeting was organized to get the opinions of all parties of the subject and determine what should or should not be done, Şahin concluded his words as follows: “Every idea is very valuable for us. A number of processes will proceed faster with the ideas that will be shaped here. After the approval of the Ministry, the tender phase of the project will be started. We think things will go fast. ”

- It Will Provide Cakti for ASU, City and the Region -

Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, who said that this stage has been reached at the end of a two-year period and thanked all internal and external stakeholders who supported them throughout the process. Dr. Mustafa Cemal Darilmaz noted that the meeting was exciting in terms of university-public-industry cooperation and progress towards a concrete output. Stating that ASU Animal Hospital is a process that started with the establishment of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Darılmaz said, “The thought-guided project has the potential to serve not only Aksaray but also the provinces of Nevşehir, Niğde and Kırşehir. The hospital stands out with its compact design. This project will contribute greatly to the public, private sector, industry, development of the region, veterinarians trained and increase the quality of service in the field. ” Bekir Varol, General Secretary of the Ahiler Development Agency (AHİKA), stated that one of the financial supports provided by the institution is “Guided Project Support” and that this support will be implemented for the first time in Aksaray after the necessary approvals. Explaining that it was decided to allocate an amount up to 6 million lira to the animal hospital project at the AHİKA Board of Directors Meeting, Varol said, “We are currently carrying out the deposit phases of the project. We had a project kick off meeting last week with our Dean. The outline of the project was discussed there. This meeting is held with all the participants to discuss what else might be in the project. After the required approval processes, the feasibility part will be completed and the support phase will be initiated. ”

- The city has 300 thousand cattle, 750 thousand sheep and goats -

Cüneyt Göktaş, President of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO), one of the important stakeholders of the project, stated that the animal hospital is one of the important deficiencies in Aksaray. Emphasizing the importance of the project in terms of the quality of the trainings in both the city animal husbandry and the Veterinary Faculty, Göktaş said, “We are trying to give our support for the realization of the project. Good luck to our Aksaray, our farmers and our University. ” Providing that the city deals with agriculture and animal husbandry at the rate of 80 percent and 43 percent of the employment is provided by this sector, Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Manager Bülent Saklav, with his 300 thousand cattle, 750 thousand ovine farms and more than 100 bee farms, is a He stated that he had a serious need. Saklav thanked those who contributed to the study and noted that as an institution they would give every possible support to this study.

Besides the managers of ASÜ and AHİKA, Aksaray, Niğde, Nevşehir and Kırşehir Provincial Directors of Agriculture and Forestry, the heads of animal husbandry associations, and private business representatives attended the meeting. The participants wished that the project, which is extremely valuable in terms of city and region, would be beneficial and shared their ideas in the fields of physical properties, diagnosis, treatment and education. At the end of the ceremony, the protocol was signed.