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Added Date : 22-05-2017

The trainees who successfully completed the 4 week-long accounting course in the ATSO Training Hall underlined that their education will be reflected in their working lives, while thanking them for their efforts in organizing the education.

ATSO President Ahmet Koçaş speaking in the program for the participants, in his speech; Esteemed trainees are here with us to receive the certificate you deserve here at the end of your one-month course. First of all I congratulate you all and I wish that your certifications bring goodness to you and your future.

I would like to give a clear message to you as an individual in business world as well as ATSO Presidency. Today, the most needed and sought after occupation of the world is accounted.

Accounting can also be remembered from the definition of accountancy, accounting is crucial for all organizations, as accounting is a science that attaches to all transactions of all kinds of institutions, records and concludes transactions.

Accounting is not limited to business organizations, government agencies, associations, foundations, etc. Is the most important part for every organization because it attaches to the transactions of places such as.

Whatever your mind is, these organizations must have a simple or systematic accounting system. Sometimes people keep their own account. For example, even a family rector holds the account of the household budget by writing the income and expenses of the house in a book.

Since accounting is an absolute system of every organization, accounting is extremely important. If we think that there are a large number of different sectors and the accounting department of all the small big corporations, we can see how widespread the accounting profession is.

In Turkey, accounting staff are among the most sought-after qualified personnel at the moment. An area of ​​such interest is also a great asset. Accounting is a profession with the most importance and most business area in Turkey today.

So you will see the benefit of this course you have attended in the business world. I believe that all of you will be a very good accountant in the future and will rise as a career. I would like to congratulate you once again on behalf of my person and the management establishment, and I hope that your certificates will be good. "