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Added Date : 02-07-2019

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Cüneyt Göktaş, Member of the Assembly Murat Koyuncu and businessman Ali Dede Gönen in Germany, Erasmus + higher education program in 2017 period of higher education student and staff mobility consortium project within the scope of the Rector of Aksaray University. Dr. Yusuf Sahin visited.

ATSO President Cüneyt Göktaş made a statement after the visit, where he exchanged views about the project and said: ik We have conveyed our wishes to the Rector of Aksaray University and we had mutual consultations on the Erasmus + higher education program consortium project for higher education in 2017. In particular, we have learned what we can do to make our students from Aksaray University to be a contributor to our country by benefiting more from this project. We had the opportunity to have a nice meeting with our businessman Ali Dede Gönen in Aksaray, Germany, who gave one of the biggest supports to this project.

As the world has now become more intense in international competition and economic wars have emerged, the tasks assigned to our students and young people have become even more important. We, as representatives of the business world and the managers of our educational institutions, have a duty to contribute to their development and to make them a beneficial individual for our country.

In this sense, we need to make the most of the Erasmus + project prepared with great importance. I hope that at the end of the project, our students who have internship in Germany will be more beneficial by applying the knowledge and experience they have gained in their business lives. In the future, the fruit of this project that we necessarily eat and we constantly exchange views with the Rector of Aksaray University. Dr. I would like to thank Yusuf Şahin and our businessman Ali Dede Gönen once again. ”