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Added Date : 03-01-2019

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Aksaray Commodity Exchange jointly invited the people of our city to make purchases from our local tradesmen and stores.

In Turkey, many provinces and districts that started the invite such people and to support local companies and ahilik emphasis on the importance of steps to be taken in order to provide standing to remain the artisans perpetuate the culture ACCI President Cüneyt Meteors and Chairman of Aksaray Commodity Exchange Hamid Ozkok, from Aksaray domestic trades and comprised of business the market, the store, ready to embrace the national and domestic stance of ownership of the stance of the written statement in the continuation of the statement; Iz Large store chains, shopping malls and discount stores, which have been rapidly increasing in our country in recent years, caused our local tradesmen to make great losses and many tradesmen came to the shutter level. Unfortunately, as in any other part of the world, there is no ban on opening more than one branch in our country. The most important steps to be taken and what should be done here fall on our people and our citizens. We have so far expressed the importance of domestic and national products in every field, but this call is now clear and clear. Aksarayss Yigit, Mert, Honest People from our shops and stores of our city and our customers from our request to shop from stores. In 2019, we will have the biggest Social Responsibility we need to do. As a result of the trade wars in the world, unfortunately, our economy and the negativity in our commercial life are coming to an end. We will try to make Aksaray survive this process with the least damage in this type of environment and we will fight for our tradesmen to stay afloat and not to succumb to trade wars. This struggle will not only be the struggle of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Aksaray Commodity Exchange or Civil Society Organizations, but also the struggle of 400 thousand people who eat their bread, drink their water and earn their money. Then Aksaray Trade and Industry Chamber and Aksaray Trade Exchange #Local Art of the city that we live by calling all our people are invited to call. We will work Aksaray will win Aks was said.