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Added Date : 27-05-2021

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry is preparing to implement a new service within the service building.

Speaking about ATSOTAM, Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Cüneyt Göktaş said, “As it is known, Arbitration is of great importance in terms of dispute resolution, which is predominantly preferred in today's commercial relations. Arbitration is a widely used method for the quick and effective resolution of commercial disputes in many countries. States that want to make their countries more attractive to arbitration have changed or renewed their legislation. Our country did not stand by the developments in arbitration and kept pace with the developments in the world both with the regulations it made in its national legislation and the international agreements to which it is a party.

The limitation of the intervention of the courts in the arbitration proceedings, the short duration of the arbitration proceedings, the minimum procedural formalities, the freely determination of the arbitration place by the parties, the existence of expert and well-known arbitrators and the confidentiality of the proceedings are the most important issues of the actors of international trade.

It is an appropriate solution for the parties to put arbitration clauses in their contracts in order to settle the disputes quickly, economically and by expert arbitrators, who prioritize the harmonization of the parties' wills. Our chamber will play an active role in promoting the resolution of commercial disputes through the arbitration it will put into service and in the development of the arbitration institution. In this context, ATSOTAM, which we will put into service in our Chamber service building, will be an intermediary for our members in commercial disputes. We reserved 3 Halls in ATSO for this project. Finally, with the completion of a few shortcomings, our Arbitration and Mediation Center will soon begin to serve our members. I wish this important work on behalf of our city and our member to be beneficial ”.