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Added Date : 05-03-2019

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Assembly Vice President was changed.

Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Musa Akoda'nun Board of Directors as a member of the vacant Assembly of the Assembly with the votes of ATSO Council Members Uğur Etlik was elected.

Ugur Etlik underlined that he will do his works in order to represent the members in the best way. In I came to the position of Vice-President of the Assembly with the appreciation of our ATSO Council Members. After that, we will fight for the purpose of contributing to our Aksaray business world and working together to bring our industry forward in every sector. All of our members in our assembly today are working to contribute to the business world of our city, not to disregard the wishes and trusts of our members. In our ATSO Assembly which we acted with the common mind, our goal is to build the Anatolian Industrial City in Aksaray in line with our vision. After this moment, I want to know how important I am to work on my task is to know. I would like to thank all the members of the Assembly who will not work for Aksaray and will vote for the business world. Aks