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Added Date : 20-08-2020

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the largest non-governmental organization of Aksaray, has informed the public and the business world with hundreds of shares in dozens of fields such as industry, tourism, trade, health, incentives and supports since March, when the pandemic period began to be seen in our country.

ATSO, which instantly shares the steps taken by the state and institutions with members and citizens from its social media accounts, continues to be appreciated by all segments.

Cüneyt Göktaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ATSO, made a statement on the subject, and in his statement; “As Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, starting from our responsibility towards our members and citizens, we shared dozens of information with our members and citizens every day since the pandemic period started to take effect in our country. Our government, our public institutions, NGOs exceeded, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union of our business, we share our world and in the social space taken all the necessary steps with our members instantaneously. We have informed our members and the public by announcing all the steps that have been announced and taken in the field of health, from Industry, Tourism, Animal Husbandry, Agriculture, as well as in the field of health. Especially during the pandemic period, we had the opportunity to immediately convey to our members the support and incentives given to our businesses during the pandemic period, and we had the opportunity to mediate hundreds of businesses in Aksaray to benefit from incentives and supports. The feedback from our members and citizens makes me and the management setup extremely happy and conducts our work with less determination and faith. I request the Social Media Accounts and Mobile Application of our Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where our announcements are made instantly, to be downloaded and followed from our business world. One of our biggest duties is the communication point and at this point we will continue to serve our members and citizens in the best way possible, ”he said.