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Added Date : 23-09-2019

Cüneyt Göktaş, Chairman of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, made important statements about State Supported Receivables Insurance.

ATSO President Goktas, in a press statement in writing; State Supported Receivables Insurance is a State-funded system established by the Council of Ministers' Decision dated 04/06/2018 and numbered 2018/11892 on the Operation of the State Supported System Including the Provision of Commercial Receivables Insurance for Small and Medium Enterprises. According to the Yönetmelik Regulation on the Definition, Qualifications and Classification of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Res published in the Official Gazette No. 25997 dated 18/11/2005, T.C. SMEs that meet the conditions set by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance can benefit from this system. With this system, the risk of non-payment of the debt arising from futures sales that are not subject to any collateral is secured. In this application, SMEs who cannot guarantee their receivables due to the turnover criterion are provided with this system. At the beginning of the system, according to the definitions in the relevant Regulation Micro and Small Business class enterprises will benefit. Efforts are underway to enable medium-sized enterprises to benefit from this system, and enterprises of this class will start to benefit from the State Supported Commercial Receivables Insurance System for SMEs. The annual net sales revenue figure in the regulation regarding the definition, qualifications and classification of micro and small enterprises will be taken into consideration. Sales to legal persons (including individual companies, ordinary partnerships, taxpayers subject to simple procedures), sales in advance, with credit cards, not under the guarantee of the bank (letter of guarantee, DBS, confirmed letter of credit, etc.) and domestic public institutions and organizations, sales excluding municipalities, chambers and stock exchanges, trade unions, associations, foundations, public economic institutions, sales against open accounts, checks and / or promissory notes

If we talk about why you should choose the State Supported Commercial Receivables Insurance System for SMEs, it provides instant or uninterrupted trade with credit limit allocation. It helps you maintain your business in a stable and growth-oriented manner with a credit line allocated without limit cancellation / deduction during the insurance period. It allows you to get a more affordable service with low investigation and collection costs. Easy, fast and practical application and notification screens help you save time. It helps you increase your sales by finding new customers and contribute to the growth of your company. Increases the asset quality of your balance sheet and increases your credibility with banks and financial institutions. Contributes to your company's risk management by analyzing your customers and monitoring their financial situation.

In the State Supported Trade Receivables Insurance System for SMEs, the invoices that are issued as of the date of the policy issuance can be taken under the coverage at the point of invoices to be covered by the guarantee. There will be no guarantee regarding invoices issued before this date.

Among the features of the Commercial Receivables Insurance System for SMEs, which has at least two years of history, does not have tax and SSI debt, meets the risk assessment criteria of the Center; Commercial credit insurance is offered for micro and small companies. A maturity of up to 360 days can be applied. The premium is calculated by the pricing method over the turnover of the insured. An automatic score assessment is made for the receiving companies and a credit limit is allocated. With the monitoring and observation, the insured is informed about the deteriorated financial situation among the recipients of credit limits. In case of damage, legal procedures are initiated upon the application of the insured to the Center and collection service is offered to the insured. Compensation payment is made for the damage files that cannot be resolved with the collection service. Among the Benefits of Trade Receivables Insurance, it contributes to the risk management of the company by analyzing its customers and monitoring their financial situation. It strengthens its financial structure by protecting the enterprise against unforeseen collection problems.

Increases the asset quality of the balance sheet and increases its credibility with banks and financial institutions. It helps the company management to focus on its core business by setting aside the receivables problems. It contributes to increase sales and growth of the company by finding new customers. Lawyers of the insurance company carry out the legal follow-up procedures regarding the non-performing receivables on behalf of the enterprise. For more detailed information of our members and businesses; http://www.alacaksigortasi.gov.tr/ Please visit the address, Adres he said.