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Added Date : 29-07-2019

Volkswagen they begin working immediately with the investment decisions in Turkey and that they have made every attempt to take part in Aksaray that investment but underlines that cut the front Aksaray Commerce and Industry Chamber Chairman Cuneyt meteors, his explanation; Dık We had to make a statement in a local newspaper published in our province to state that the criticisms about my Volkswagen investment and the institution I represent were unfounded.

As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we have carried out works from the first day to bring this project to our city with our friends on the Board of Directors. We preferred to go to the decision makers of this investment instead of just making a sound by making a statement about this investment in the press. Within this scope, the Governor of Aksaray Mr. Ali Mantı, Aksaray Deputy Cengiz Aydoğdu, Aksaray Mayor Evren Dinçer and AK Party Provincial Chairman Hüseyin Altınsoy, AK Party Central District President Hamza Aktürk and Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Mr. Mehmet Cahit Turhan visited the Ministry in the last weeks. by this investment, we too want Aksaray that at the beginning of the strategic city in Turkey and the most appropriate for this investment, as cities have expressed our part to invest in what we are willing to do whatever falls.

Mr. Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, welcomed our request but it was stated to the investor firm that the investment decision was made on the first day of the investment decision. Ministers will be met by our government in this demand that these investments planned in Bulgaria is the company's investor demand for making the place designated points in Turkey brains were notified personally from the mouth. We did not make any explanation for this investment by respecting the decision taken by our state and we did not want our people from Aksaray to have any hope. However, this biased news published in our local media during the process we have experienced deeply wounded my friends and people who gave up many things and devoted their time to the industry and trade of this city. I want to know that Aksaray executives and NGOs are working harmoniously for our city and we will continue to work.

We leave this statement to the discretion of the public for this news, which is written without asking any questions to ATSO or myself.

With the vision of building the Industrial City of the Future with the Power of Common Reason, our citizens, public institutions, non-governmental organizations and citizens should know that in the course of our duty, if there is an investment, project or any issue for Aksaray's interest and future, we will be the first and we will work. We know and believe that if we work, Aksaray wins. I want to say that we will always take part in every project for Aksaray to win ”.