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Added Date : 10-01-2018

Aksaray and all the working journalists in our country celebrating the day of ATSO President Koçaş, published in the message that; "The press is one of the cornerstones of Democracy. Journalism is an important profession that is made on difficult terms, requiring sacrifice and responsibility. Journalists who perform an important profession without collecting, reporting, objectivity, honor, virtue, justice and conscience are the voice of the conscience of the nation.

Journalists are now one of the most difficult tasks of the world. It is celebrated as the Working Journalists' Day of January 10th, since the "Act No. 212", which provides some rights and legal guarantees to the Press employees in our country, entered into force on January 10, 1961.

Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Great Leader of the Founder of our Republic, said: 'The press is the common voice of the nation. A nation is illuminating and revealing the significance of our press mosque, in the sense that it is a force, a school, a guide in its own way, aiming at walking in a common direction, which is a goal of a nation, in giving the intellectual food that a nation is in need.

I congratulate the 10 January journalists' day with the most sincere feelings of our people, the eyes of the public and the employees of the press, working in the direction of informing and publicizing the democratic life, without regard to the working concept. "