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Added Date : 08-10-2018

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Cüneyt Göktaş, Assembly President Fatih Tekin and Board of Directors members ATSO delegation continues to visit without interruption.

"We are building the future of Turkey's Industrial City" vision with both the return visit of the mega projects which meet both ATSO ATSO delegation with the views of our city managers comes great support from the public.

ACCI entering the Chairman of ACCI, underlining the will of the City of Industry in Turkey 2023 Projects to step into a huge proportion of our province's current position with the implementation and Aksaray to the very high growth potential Meteors, also made a statement after the visit; Iz We continue our return visits and project presentations. Last week, we visited the Provincial Director of the City of Commerce Vahit Ozer, Director of Land Registry Isa Acar, Provincial Director of Social Policies Israfil Akturk, Provincial Director of Agriculture Bülent Saklav and Provincial Director of Environmental Urbanization Hüsnü Yıldız visited and exchanged views about our projects. In all our visits to this day, we receive positive opinions and support from our esteemed executives, politicians, NGOs and public opinion of our public institutions and organizations. In this sense, we will work harder to realize our projects as we are aware that we are taking the right steps. I would like to thank all our managers, politicians and managers who do not spare our support.