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Added Date : 15-11-2018

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman of the Board Cüneyt Göktaş, Assembly Chairman Fatih Tekin and Board of Directors Members of the Board of Directors of Ankara once again to remove the AK Party deputy Ilknur Thinoz Nevsehir Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the same time Customs and Tourism Management Board Chairman Arif Par win held the meeting.

Turkey Grand National Assembly Deputy İlknur İnceöz Solar Energy Industry Zone did as President of the ACCI offers the explanation for the feasibility report on the visit Cuneyt meteors; Uz We continue our work for the Aksaray and Aksaray Industry and steal the doors of our competent authorities. We are taking all sorts of steps with our Assembly Chairman and our Board of Directors as we are aware that there is no profit in standing in an environment where cities are competing and not in the cities.

At a time when the economy is gradually recovering and currency fluctuations are slowly falling behind, we continue to negotiate with the authorities to revise the investments for Aksaray and to complete the existing investments quickly. In the past months, we made a further subtraction to Ankara by meeting with AK Party deputy Cengiz Aydoğdu, MHP Aksaray Deputy Ramazan Kaşlı and the GOOG Party Aksaray Member of Parliament Ayhan Erel and the main subject of our talks was the Railways and Projects. Aksaray MPs in the Parliament in question when it comes to being a common sense of being a common and each of our deputies work for our city and continue to be next to our industry. In this sense, I would like to thank all our deputies on behalf of our business world. We have visited the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Customs and Tourism Enterprises, Arif Parmaksızı. He was happy to convey that he was ready to give all kinds of support for Aksaray, our neighbor city, our sister city. We thank him for his support and belief in us, "we will try Aksaray Won," he will work without interruption in every field, "he said.