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Added Date : 09-03-2020

Aksaray Commerce and Industry Chamber Chairman Cuneyt Meteors, Assembly President Fatih Tekin, Deputy Chairman Ahmet Ear and Secretary General Murat The ACCI delegation consisting Yilmaz, Turkey and Kocaeli province to collect the most exclusive brands together 92 major by entrepreneurs By examining the Mobesko, which was established, he got information about the Furniture Stage, which is planned to be established in Aksaray.

Underlining that a furniture store site should be established at every opportunity in Aksaray and ATSO Members are constantly making suggestions and requests at this point, ATSO President Göktaş said: In order to build a site that will create added value in our region, we examined the construction phase and works of Mobesko, which was established in Kocaeli.

The SS Durable Goods and Furniture Collective Workplace Building Cooperative (MOBESKO), which was founded by the entrepreneurs of Kocaeli in 2006, was founded in 2006 and bought a land of 91.578 m² in the same year and started its construction in 2010 and started its commercial life in 2010. It began.

In addition to 92 stores, the Mobesko Project includes a restaurant, cafeteria, buffet services, as well as a 750-car capacity outdoor and 800-car parking garage that will meet the needs of staff and visitors. Each of the stores consists of 4 floors * 400m² = 1600m² and we had the opportunity to examine an area where thousands of people shop every day.

Chairman of the Board of Mobesko Şenol Başoğul gave us very important information by stating that many furniture stores in Kocaeli until the Mobesko board are in scattered positions just like in Aksaray, gathering under a single roof with Mobesko and bringing a great atmosphere to Kocaeli. As Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in line with this information we have received, we will build a site that will bring a different atmosphere to the Central Anatolia Region and our city, as well as increase the added value, as a result of our joint efforts with our Members and Aksaray Municipality. ”