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Added Date : 06-07-2020

A visit to Kastamonu was organized by the Board of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

ATSO President Cüneyt Göktaş, Deputy Chairman of the Board Ahmet Kulak, Board Member Accountant Ahmet Pektaş, Board members Musa Akoda and Cebrail Çınar, our delegate Avni Çakır, who was appointed to the Governorship of Kastamonu with the Presidency Decree no 2020/274 dated 09 June 2020 Visited Kastamonu Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Kastamonu Commodity Exchange.

Speaking about our visit to Kastamonu Governorate Avni Çakır and our Kastamonu Chamber-Exchange visits, ATSO President Göktaş said, “We wish that our holy duty, Avni Çakır, who is one of the valuable people raised by our city and finally appointed to the Governorate of Kastamonu, will be beneficial. In the Selendi District of Manisa and Bolu, Cyprus, after serving as Deputy Governor, Sivas Akıncılar, Kars Akyaka and Yozgat's Çayıralan districts, who served as Governor of Kastamonu and his people in the best way We know that it will serve and leave very good marks. During our meeting with him, we consulted in many fields and exchanged views. We did the Governor's Office also visit Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges on the eve of our negotiations with our trade exchange with our Kastamonu Chamber of Commerce is a member of our Association. We agreed to cooperate in every sector from Industry to Trade, from Agriculture and Livestock to Tourism. At the same time, we made comparisons by sharing the practices of our Chambers and Commodity Exchanges within the scope of the Accreditation system. At this point, we visited the Kastamonu Governor Avni Çakır, our President of Kastamonu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Oğuz Fındıkoğlu and Board Members, Kastamonu Commodity Exchange Board Chairman Sedat İşeri and Board Members, We thank Aksaray on behalf of our business world. In the next period, we will increase the relations between Aksaray and Kastamonu, and work on behalf of our cities. ”