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Added Date : 26-09-2018

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman of the Board Cuneyt Goktas, the Assembly President Fatih Tekin and Board of Directors composed of members of the ATSO delegation visited many businessmen and investors in our city.

Wing Hand Trolleys, Altuntaş Group, Double Eagle, Üçler Milk, Özeller and Agilis Delegation visited the day during the day with the businessmen and investors of our city hasbihal.

ATSO President Göktaş, who evaluated the national economy and Aksaray economy and discussed the mutual exchange of opinions about the future of Aksaray; Ilar We visited the valuable businessmen of our city which made great contributions to Aksaray's economy and exchanged views with our industry.

In the beginning of the way out of the economic situation of our country, we have taken common views on reducing imports and focusing on production. In addition, we have announced that we will work to provide convenience to our banks for our companies. In our visits, our businessmen and investors have expressed their difficulties on this issue. We will explain the situation to the necessary authorities in an urgent manner. This country, we all have to put their hands under the hands of our banks. Turkey will ultimately survive this difficult time.

Today, the biggest task of all of our investors, businessmen, farmers, agriculture and animal husbandry sector, in short, our business is to be next to the business world. The shortest way to overcome these days will be the steps that arise from unity and solidarity. Both of our country will continue to develop and grow both our city, Aksaray, Turkey's future in becoming industrial city will proceed with the joint strength of mind.

In this sense, every visit we made today with us and the support of our city's very valuable Businessmen Wing Hand Carts company's official Abdurrahman Kanat'a, Altuntaş Group's Officials Bekir Altuntaş and İmdat Altuntaş'a, Double Eagle Our company's representative Mustafa Saatçioğlu, I would like to thank Mustafa Karagacli, the official of Milki, on behalf of Ibrahim Ozel, the Specialist of Ozeller Company, and Orhan Agacli, the representative of Agacli Group, on behalf of our ATSO Board of Directors and Aksaray Business World. Our province 20243 objectives, our politicians, non-governmental organizations, the Business World with the objectives will surely reach hedef said.