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Added Date : 02-05-2018

The Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which organized its fair in Gaziantep and brought its members together with DOMOTEX 2018 Carpet fair which is one of the biggest fairs of the region, received full marks by the members attending the fairs.

Apart from the fuara ATSO members held in Gaziantep, Ahmet Kulak, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Enver Şanlı and Cebrail Çınar attended the Board of Directors.

Ahmet Kulak, Vice Chairman of the ATSO Board of Directors who did not leave the participants alone and participated in the furos, explained that he did this after the fair organization; "We participated in the DOMOTEX Turkey fair organized in Gaziantep, the center of the machine carpet production. This fair organization was visited by 9,124 professionals for 4 days in 2017, with participation of 203 company from 21 countries in 21.509 m2 area. Domotex Turkey 2018 is attended by 35 foreign companies this year, and these companies exhibit a total of 2.532 m² outdoor products in the exhibition area. In addition, this year's fairs were attended by companies from America, Belgium, China, Denmark, India, Iran, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Turkmenistan and Jordan. In this sense, we met one of the most important fairs of the region with our members. We know and believe that fairs are the biggest markets on Earth. In this sense, I would like to thank all our participating members, stating that we will continue to bring our members together with these markets. "