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Added Date : 12-01-2023

Speaker Fatih Tekin, who made the opening speech of the program, emphasized the importance of the press and talked about the difficulties of the journalism profession. He congratulated the Working Journalists Day on January 10, by thanking the press members of our city, who did this task in the best way and informed the public and the business world in Aksaray.

ATSO President Ahmet, who celebrates the 10 January Working Journalists Day of all our journalists and members of the press, who pursue their duties in every circumstance, in the direction of enlightening and informing the public, with an accurate, impartial and principled understanding, and who serve with a sense of duty and responsibility, regardless of the working hours, despite the difficult conditions of the journalism profession. In his speech at Koçaş; “Each of us is aware of the difficulty of the profession of journalism and the processes of getting news and publishing news. You are performing your duties to inform the public, even in the most difficult conditions, without saying Snow or Winter. Therefore, I would like to thank each of you individually on behalf of our business world.

With the expansion of the usage area of technology, journalism, internet journalism, television and radio broadcasting becoming more widespread compared to previous years, the shares made by our press employees find a response in a short time in the public.

Today, making progress in every field; In Aksaray, which is a center of history, culture, tourism and trade, the efforts and efforts of our press, which I believe have made great contributions, are of great importance.

I sincerely believe that our working journalists will fulfill this task, which they have successfully fulfilled until today, with the same sensitivity, determination and enthusiasm in the future.

I congratulate our esteemed press members, who fulfill an important responsibility by informing the public and expressing the demands and expectations of the society, with a correct, principled and objective understanding of duty, and wish them success in their work.