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Added Date : 05-04-2017

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry members returned to the country after completing a business trip to Bosnia Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital, Sarajevo and the industrial city of Tuzla, ATSO members visited Tuzla Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Sarajevo Chamber of Commerce, while visiting Turkey Embassy and Bosnia Herzegovina Ziraat Bank Received information.

The ATSO delegation, who visited Bosnia and Herzegovina's Turkish Ambassador Haldun Koç, received information about the situation of the country by our Ambassador. Ambassador Haldun Koç, who stated that Bosnia Herzegovina is on his way to join the European Union, is a big step towards the future of investment in Bosnia. He also stated that the country is in a very good place at the point of agriculture and animal husbandry. In case of ATSO members investing in Bosnia, They would give any kind of support from their hands.

Following the visit to the Embassy, ​​the ATSO members, who met with Ali Rıza Akbaş, General Manager of Ziraat Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina, received information about Ziraat Bank's position and support in the country.

Ziraat Bank General Manager Ali Rıza Akbaş underlined that Turkey has provided great support to Bosnia and Herzegovina, As Ziraat Bank of Turkey we have made great strides in Bosnia and we are the 7th Great Bank of Shan State. Our goal is to enter into the first three banks and to reach this goal is also very close. Many investors from Turkey are now in the process of investing in Bosnia. Bosnia is a country where the agriculture and livestock sector can not be abandoned. At this point, our investments grow our companies. We must give you all the details in detail when you come here and support you. Bosnia will be a huge country when you overcome political problems in the future. "