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Added Date : 25-09-2018

AKsaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Cüneyt Göktaş visited Aksaray University Rector Prof.Dr Yusuf Şahin, 1st President of the Heavy Penal Court of First President İlker Akkaş and Aksaray Provincial Mufti Cemalettin Bal Yönetim in his office.

ATSO President Cüneyt Göktaş, who made statements after the visits including the members of the Board of Directors, emphasized the power of common mind. we aim to move forward.

Today, Aksaray is one side of the industry while the other side is university. In this sense, our Rector Prof.Dr. Yusuf Sahin with we have. ASU and ATSO are the leading institutions of our city. We will strengthen the University Industry Cooperation by utilizing the opportunities we have. In the same way, we have visited with the President of the 1st High Criminal Court and the Mufti of our province for the future of our city.

The most beautiful part of Aksaray is that it has the administrators of the city who know the power of common mind and who want to work for this city. If we can use this situation and this feeling beautifully, we can succeed Aksaray in every field.

In all the visits we will make this point to draw over this issue and we will try to build the future of the Common Mind Power Industry Turkey with the city of Aksaray "he said.