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Added Date : 30-12-2020

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Cüneyt Göktaş, evaluating the year 2020, wished 2021 to bring good luck to our country and our city.

Underlining that 2020 has had many negative effects in every field and every sector due to the Covid-19 Pandemic in the world, but with vaccination studies giving hope, 2021 may open new beginnings and opportunities, ATSO President Göktaş said, “ The coronavirus, which emerged in the city and spread rapidly around the world, negatively affected our lives, especially in health, education and industry in 2020. Due to countries imposing flight bans, suspending production, and increasing restrictions, many unwanted negativities have occurred in our country, as in every country, in the field of economy. At this point, our government has been with our business world on many issues such as short-time working allowances, discounted credit support, rent support, considering the difficulties experienced by our business world. Despite all the negativities experienced due to the pandemic, our country has achieved a good output in the field of production compared to the previous year. This output will increase more in 2021 and new beginnings will be in question as the impact of the pandemic decreases. Although Aksaray experienced difficulties in the field of industry and trade in 2020, it made a great breakthrough in the field of investment. Lw Waikiki factory, which is among the biggest investments of 2020, was brought to our city. With the investment that will provide employment opportunities for 4500 people, new investors will have their eyes on Aksaray. At this point, as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is the leading institution of the business world, we will do all kinds of efforts and determination to make new investments come in 2021. We will see the fruits of our Foreign Trade Support Office and Member Service Center, which we started operating in 2020, in 2021, and we will help our city show great success in the field of export. As Business World, our wish is to bring good luck to our city, especially to our country in 2021. In this sense, Aksaray congratulates the Business World and our citizens in 2021 and wish them a healthy and peaceful new year.