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Added Date : 02-02-2020

cüneyt GÖKTAŞ, Chairman of the Board of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, gave information about ATSO Activities in January 2020.

In the written press statement signed by ATSO President GÖKTAŞ; “We are leaving the first month of 2020 behind. This year, which we entered as a new year, a new understanding and a new period, we first visited our Chamber Members and made a report by listening to their problems and expectations. This year, our visits will take place regularly every month and at the end of 2020, all problems and solutions will be reported.

In January, we laid the foundations of the Sister Project together with our TOBB Aksaray Women Entrepreneurs Board. Within the scope of the project, innovation and professional development activities will be brought to our Women Entrepreneurs in Aksaray within months. We had the opportunity to increase the investments of our city by auctioning 8 pieces of parcels facing the road in our Organized Industrial Zone by auction method.

We built a new meeting room that can be used for multi-purpose in our room. in the weeks ahead of the opening of this hall Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges will be held with the participation of our Chairman Mr. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu. We have completed our project at the point of establishing a renewable power plant in the empty space behind our Service Building, saying that we can meet the electricity needs of our room.

After attending the "Smart Cities and Municipalities Congress and Exhibition" opening program held in Ankara with the participation of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, TOBB President M. Rifat HİSARCIKLIOĞLU, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Chairman of the Inspection Board İzzet GÜVEN, General Manager of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance We visited Yunus ELİTAŞ and exchanged views on behalf of our city.

On January 10, Working Journalists Day, we gathered with our press members and we celebrated their beautiful day together.

Finally, we made a Call for Support to our brothers who had a hard time in the Elazığ and Malatya Earthquakes that hurt our hearts and etched our hearts, and delivered them to our brothers and sisters. As ATSO Management, which has entered the year 2020 in an efficient way, we want to state that we will act in line with the interests of our members. I greet the public with respect. ”