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Added Date : 06-05-2022

Cüneyt Göktaş, Chairman of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, gave information about the export figures for April.

Emphasizing that Aksaray will leave 2021 behind and break new records in exports, ATSO President Göktaş said in his statement; “The export figures of our province Aksaray, which ATSO Export Support Office received from TIM, increased by 24.8% compared to April of the previous year and reached $22.4 million. Taking the April of previous years as a reference, export figures continued to increase. The top three export destinations in April are Bangladesh, India and Bulgaria, respectively. The most exported products are machinery and accessories ($ 13.56 million), ferrous and non-ferrous metals ($ 2.053 million). The first three sectors, which grew by percentage compared to April of the previous year, were textile, ready-made clothing, ferrous-non-ferrous and air-conditioning industries. The last figures announced were seen with the export figures of the textile industry, where Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry made the city a brand, especially in the field of textiles. It is seen from the figures that Aksaray announced every month by looking at the month of the previous year, that by the end of 2022, I hope we will exceed 2021. We expect records in many sectors, especially in our textile sector. We are moving step by step towards the vision that we set for ourselves in 2018, Aksaray will be the Future Industrial City of Turkey. Investment demands for our Organized Industrial Zones in our districts are increasing day by day. By sharing many of them with the public and the business world, we have shown the demand for our OIZs in our districts. Based on the promise that the heart of a city beats with its districts, Aksaray will be the new industrial city of Turkey with the activation of our district OIZs.