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Added Date : 31-03-2022

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman of the Board Cüneyt Göktaş, Members of the Assembly Alparslan Bayraktar and Murat Koyuncu visited the factories in the Organized Industrial Zone of our city and provided information and consultations about the newly established units.

Visiting ECO Europe Recycling, M&K Speaker, Çelebi Brothers companies, ATSO President Göktaş made a statement regarding the visits and said, “During our visits, we gave information to our investors about the work of our ATSO Legal Consultancy, Export Support Office, Project and Consultancy Office, which we launched in 2021 and 2022.

The fact that our companies express their satisfaction with the industry of our city and the services of our Chamber during our visits shows us the reward of our efforts and gives us happiness. When we took office in 2018, we increased the number of our existing units, opened new service areas for our members and provided these services free of charge, and gained the appreciation of our Chamber members. Our Legal Consultancy provides free consultancy services to our members in commercial cases of our members, our Export Support Office provides free consultancy services to our members who want to do Foreign Trade, and our Project and Consultancy Office provides free consultancy services to our members at the point of Government Supports, Projects and Grants. We visited our companies in our Organized Industrial Zone with the employees of these units and shared detailed information about the units. We will continue our visits to our members in the next period and we will offer our services to our members in the best way,” he said.