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Added Date : 19-10-2018

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cüneyt Göktaş, the Board of Directors and the members of the Assembly, continue to visit Civil Society Organizations in our province.

Aksaray Cattle Sheep Goat Breeders Association President Mahmut Aktürk, Miners and Merchants Chamber President Murat Tekin, President of Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles Ayhan Tüzün, Aksaray Contractors Union President Recep Akalın and AKSÜTBİR President Esat Zengini visited ATSO Delegation told.

Solar Energy Specialized OSB, Districts Industrial Cities and ATSO President Göktaş describing a new industrial center project on the way to Konya, said the importance of Railway for Aksaray will be revealed once the projects are realized.

Goktas underlined that there will be deficiencies in the name of investments in the following years if the railway is not completed. As the Aksaray business world, we do not want any financial support from the state for the construction of the Solar Energy Industrial Industrial Zone. If Aksaray gets the necessary permits and the electricity produced, Aksaray gains a great investment and an example city is constructed and the way of Solar Energy is opened throughout the country. We continue to take all necessary steps in this sense, so we visited our Assembly in the past weeks and delivered our report to our deputies.

Aksaray's most important investment for the future of the state wants to make the railway is the railway. If the railway is not connected to Aksaray from Ulukışla line, the investments will be suspended continuously. A major exclusion of Ankara is that the whole city should not leave the door, not the President, for this investment. We are as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry which is the pioneer organization of Aksaray business world. Together, we must build Turkey's future industrial building in the city of Aksaray "he said.

Chairman of Aksaray Breeding Sheep Goat Breeders Union Mahmut Aktürk, Head of Craftsmen and Chamber of Craftsman Murat Tekin, President of Chamber of Drivers and Automobile Chamber Ayhan Tüzün, President of Aksaray Contractors Union Recep Akalın and President of AKSÜTBİR Mr. Esat Zengin stated that they will always move together with ATSO Aksaray Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman of the Board of Directors for his visit to the Board of Directors and Assembly Members thanked Cüneyt Göktaş.