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Added Date : 18-02-2019

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Cüneyt Göktaş, Short Work Grants, made a written statement about the press.

In case of short or short period of time, the work of the short work shall be temporarily reduced by at least one third of the working hours in the workplace for general economic, sectoral, regional crisis or coercive reasons, or if the activity is stopped for at least four weeks in whole or in part without seeking continuity, Underlining that they can be extended up to 6 months and that they provide income support for the period they can not work, ATSO President Cüneyt Göktaş gave general information in the continuation of his statement.

ATSO President Göktaş, in the continuation of his written statement; Within the scope of the Short Study implemented by our State, workers are provided with short-time working allowance and General Health Insurance premiums.

To be able to apply short work in the workplace, the employer; general economic, sectoral, regional crisis, or for reasons of forced labor in the workplace significantly reduced or stopped the application to İŞKUR and as a result of the conformity assessment by the Labor Inspectors must be determined that the workplace is affected by these situations.

The short work demand of the employer to be eligible to benefit from the worker's work, the short labor start date of the worker, the number of working days according to Article 50 of the Law No. 4447 and unemployment insurance premium in the number of days paid for unemployment benefit in the last 120 days before the start of the study. Those who have paid unemployment insurance premiums for at least 600 days within the last three years are required to be present in the short study list.

In the phase of Requesting Work and Evaluation of Demand, Employers may submit a short work application by filling the short work request form and the information related to short-time workers in magnetic and printed media for general economic, sectoral, regional crisis or compelling reasons.

If the existence of compelling reasons arising from the periodical conditions arising from the general economic, sectoral or regional crisis and external effects, is claimed by the confederation of workers 'and employers' unions, or if there are strong indications in this direction, the issue shall be evaluated and resolved by the Board of Directors of İŞKUR. The decisions of the Board of Directors shall not be sought for applications made on grounds of earthquake, fire, flood, landslide, epidemics, mobilization or other compelling reasons. In case there is no decision taken by the Board of Directors regarding the compelling reasons resulting from the general economic, sectoral or regional crisis and periodic conditions arising from external effects, the applications by the employers are rejected by the Authority. Conformity assessment is carried out by the Labor Inspectors regarding the suitability of the short work request of the employer. After the conformity assessment is completed, the employer's requests for changing the list of workers to be short-run and / or increasing the short working time in the workplace are considered as new applications.

If it is necessary to explain to the employer the status of reporting the result of short work request, İŞKUR shall inform the employer of the conformity assessment determined by the Labor Inspectors that the working time in the workplace has been significantly reduced or stopped due to the general economic, sectoral, regional crisis or compelling reasons. The employer shall announce the situation at the workplace in the workplace of the workers and, if any, inform the party of the collective labor agreement. In cases where no announcement is made to the workers by announcement, written notification is given to the workers subject to short study. The short work request is sent by updating the Short Work Notification List in the time period specified by the employer.

Duration, Amount and Payment of Short Working Allowance Short working allowance; 60% of the daily average gross earnings calculated by taking into consideration the earnings of the insured in the last twelve months. The amount of short-time work allowance calculated in this way cannot exceed 150% of the gross amount of the monthly minimum wage.

Short-time work allowance is paid to the worker himself and for the five-month period on a monthly basis. The Family, Labor and Social Services Minister is authorized to raise the date of payment.

The calculation of the monthly short-time working allowance for 2019 is as we share.


 Monthly Average of the Last 12 Months of Prime Earnings Calculated Unemployment Allowance Amount Stamp Tax Amount of Unemployment Allowance

Last 12 Months Running at Minimum Wage 2.558,40 1.535,04 11,65 1,523,19

Last 12 Months Working with 4.000 TL 4.000.00 2.400.00 18.22 2.381.78

Last 12 Months Working with 7,000 TL 7,000,00 3,837,60 (*) 29,13 3,808,47

(*) The amount of unemployment benefit shall not exceed 150% of the gross amount of the monthly minimum wage

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