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Added Date : 16-08-2022

Cüneyt Göktaş, Chairman of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, underlined that records have been broken in the last 4.5 years in the 98-year history of ATSO, and made statements about the work done.

Stating that they took office in 2018 and completed giant projects during their tenure for approximately 4.5 years, ATSO President Göktaş said, "When we look at the 98-year history of the Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was established in 1924, hundreds of projects have been completed. Our team is proud of bringing Giant projects to our City and our Chamber in 4.5 years.Our Ortaköy, Eskil, Sultanhanı Organized Industrial Zones, Agricultural Geothermal Organized Industrial Zone, Solar Energy Specialized Organized Industrial Zones are projects worth the next 100 years of our Aksaray. The brand plays a leading role in making it a city and an industrial city.When we look at the projects we have brought in for our chamber and our members, we are now a Non-Governmental Organization that produces its own electricity.With the solar energy electricity generation facility we have established in the parking lot at the back of our chamber service building, electricity is now We produce our own. We also put our solar electric vehicle charging station, which is the first in Aksaray history, into the service of our members. By establishing our export support office, we provide all information and support to our members regarding foreign trade. With our Project, Consultancy and Support Office, we provide free service to our members in the field of grants and supports. By establishing a professional committees unit, we enable our professional committees, which are the kitchen of the sectors, to work more actively, and we contribute to our chamber and our city with the requests and projects we receive from there. We have established our arbitration and mediation center, which is seen as the project of the future in the field of law, in our chamber, and we provide free support to our members at this point by employing lawyers who are experts in their fields. By establishing the Vocational Qualifications Unit, we fulfill the demands of our members at this point and carry out the certification procedures. As a member of the Turkish-German Chamber of Commerce, we build bridges with Germany and carry out joint studies. By implementing our member service center, we resolve the transactions and requests of our members more quickly. We save our members from the initial costs of 750 TL by giving the commercial books free of charge in the establishment processes. With the 2 new meeting rooms we have brought to our room, we allocate free of charge to the use of both our members and our city. In addition to these projects, we continue to implement dozens of projects in the field of training, seminars and fairs. I am proud of realizing all the projects that I shared with the public 4.5 years ago. Thank God, we broke the records of 98 years of chamber history during our 4.5-year tenure by fulfilling all the promises I made to our members. Stating that we will provide the best service to our City and our Members in the next period, I would like to thank all my team who implemented giant projects and all our members for their support, and I greet you with respect."