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Added Date : 10-06-2021

Visiting the Günebakan Women's Cooperative, which is producing in Zinciriye Madrasa with TOBB Aksaray Women Entrepreneurs Board President Berrin Özan, and getting information about the products, ATSO President Göktaş made a statement during the visit: We visited our sunflower cooperative, which is shown as an example to give importance to it. We got information about the products they made from our Cooperative President, Ms. Filiz Yaşar and her colleagues, and saw their efforts on site. During our visit, we wished them success for exporting for the first time, and presented the first ATR Roaming certificates and wished them good luck with their exports. One of the things that makes this visit meaningful is the effort and determined work of our TOBB Aksaray Women Entrepreneurs. When our Women Entrepreneurs Board visited our Günebakan Cooperative on February 22, they stated that their work might attract attention abroad, and in June, the Cooperative members gave export training and our cooperative exported in a very short time. In this sense, I would also like to thank our Chairman of TOBB Aksaray Women Entrepreneurs Board Berrin Özan and our board members. We expect our Women's Cooperatives, which are expanding rapidly in Aksaray, to give importance to exports just like our Günebakan Cooperative, and to visit our ATSO Export Support Office if they want to get information. Hopefully, our city will become an exemplary province in Turkey by showing developments in this area and we will progress rapidly on the way to the brand city.