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Added Date : 14-02-2020

Cüneyt Göktaş, Chairman of the Board of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stated that they were working to bring new investors to Aksaray in 2020.

Underlining that the economic wars, which have begun to lose their influence gradually around the world, have also disappeared rapidly in our country, ATSO President Göktaş said that; "The most affected countries, governments and businesses as a result of steps taken by the world began to fight the emergence of new investors in the economy in the past year, especially Turkey. In this context, as Aksaray Business World, we are working to bring new investors to our city and to grow the industry of our city. We discuss ideas with our Board of Directors on how we can bring investors to every point of our city, especially our Organized Industrial Zone and its expansion areas. In the past days in one of Turkey's largest textile companies in our city meetings were held with investment from the investment point of Aksaray Lc Wakiki and have expressed a province that is very important. Hopefully our investor will prefer Aksaray and our city will save another big investment. During the next period, if necessary, we will go to the investors and express the importance of Aksaray. The strategic location of this city is so important that we should make the most of its advantages. In this context, we want Aksaray public and our members to know that at the end of 2020, Aksaray will move rapidly towards a very different and growing industrial city. ”