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Added Date : 06-05-2024

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Ahmet Koçaş visited Kuzeyboru, one of the leading companies of the city. During the visit, Mayor Koçaş was accompanied by Aksaray Deputy Mayor Hıfsı Peker. Bülent Karaman, the Founding Partner of Kuzeyboru, hosted Koçaş.

The visit focused on Kuzeyboru's commercial successes as well as the achievements of the Kuzeyboru women's volleyball team. President Koçaş congratulated Karaman for these achievements and stated that he valued the company's contributions.

During the meetings between Koçaş and Karaman, cooperation opportunities and projects that would contribute to the city's economy were discussed. This exchange of views between the two parties created a basis for the implementation of joint projects in the future.

Kuzeyboru's Founding Partner Bülent Karaman expressed his satisfaction with Koçaş's visit and stated that discussions on cooperation and joint projects will continue. This visit has the potential to strengthen the cooperation between Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry and local businesses and contribute to the economic development of the city.