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Added Date : 12-04-2018

Cuneyt Göktaş, Chairman of the Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Fatih Tekin, Parliamentary President, issued a written message on Friday, April 13, about the Miraç Kandili that we are going to realize.


Prophet Prophet Muhammad (S.A.V) stated in his message that ATSO President Göktaş stated that he ascended to Jerusalem in the Masjid Al-Aqsa and went to the presence of Allah. "Mirac in Arabic means stairs, ascending and ascending. Mirac miracles are described in the Qur'an in verses and their existence is revealed in a way that can not be denied. It is known that the Prophet (PBUH) of the Prophet (PBUH) ascended to the breast and accepted it before God. We celebrate prayer and worship with Mirac Kantilimizi every year, and this year we should add our dreams of Jerusalem. As it is known, Jerusalem, which the United States and Israel will want to recognize as the capital, is going through hard days. Jerusalem is one of the greatest facts that history has clearly explained. Therefore, we must not miss our hearts from our hearts and our hearts for this holy martyr, whose Prophet Muhammad has risen to the presence of God. The importance of unity and togetherness, the importance of spiritual days is becoming even more noticeable in these days when we need brotherhood. Tonight, our Almighty Lord; to strengthen our unity and unity, to remove the strains in our country and in the Islamic geography. I congratulate the Mirac Kandilleri of all the Muslims with this feeling and thought, and I bless the God Almighty that this blessed night enlightens our hearts and hearts. "

Parliament Speaker Fatih Tekin said that he had done it; "Isra and Mirac, expressing a happy and spiritual journey; Our Prophet Hz. Muhammad (S.A.V) is a miraculous journey one night from the Masjid al-Haram to the Masjid al-Aqsa and from there to observe the eternal revelation and might of the Supreme Mawla. This blessed journey of divine wisdom and blessing; and to teach mankind the means of attaining purification, glorification and the summit of slavery. Prophet Muhammad returned us with three gifts from Miraç; the believer's miraculous miraculous signifies the last two verses of the Suffering of Baqara, the glad tidings of salvation for all who have faith in us, and the way of salvation.

Mirac is an unlimited ascension in the person of our Prophet. Let's not forget that Miracin is a spiritual ascension, and that he has gone through heart and soul cleansing. In this blessed day let's take away our bad feelings and thoughts from our hearts darkening our souls. We are pleased that Cenab-ı Hak''t know that all these Islamic worlds, especially the precious ATSO members and our nurses, are blessed to be the instrument of this blessed night and the prayers that are being made and the cause of our blessings to our nation, our country, our country and all the Islamic world. I congratulate Miracil Qandil, "he said.