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Added Date : 27-09-2021

The projects implemented by the Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry began to bear fruit.

While the words of ATSO President Cüneyt Göktaş that we will be the project center and we will talk about what we do started to find meaning, the projects of the Chamber received full marks in the surveys.

While very large projects such as Solar Energy, Recycling, Free Documentation on the Website for Members, Arbitration and Mediation Center, Member Service Center, Export Support Office, and Free Book Service for New Members were put into service in 2021, the projects were put to the service of the members. found.

Stating that the question “What Do Chambers Do Other Than Collecting Dues” question of the members of 365 Chambers and Commodity Exchanges throughout Turkey is now forgotten in Aksaray and that the services are followed with appreciation by the Members, Göktaş said in his statement that “The question most frequently asked by its members in the history of our Chambers and Commodity Exchanges is collecting dues. what else is done. Since we know that the reason for encountering these questions is that the services provided do not touch the members and the promotion is not done enough, we constantly acted in coordination with our members. We often took the opinions of our members and tried to identify where there were shortcomings on behalf of our city and business world, and we have implemented many projects since 2018. The projects we have done and are doing attract attention both in the TOBB community and in the national press, and information about the projects is obtained. Finally, TRT Çukurova radio contacted our Chamber and made a broadcast invitation to get information about our mediation and solution center and to convey it to the audience. By making our planning, we will broadcast in the coming days and give information about our projects. In the coming year, we will reach our members again and get their opinions on what kind of project they can implement in Aksaray if they are under the management of the Chamber. In this way, we will express the projects that our members want and we will try to do them. As Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we are making plans to implement many more projects in 2022 and we are preparing feasibility reports in order to be more active in our districts, especially in 2022. Our aim is to ensure that Aksaray is included in its growth in its districts. Hopefully, he will take firm steps towards Aksaray in our dreams and said, "We will build the next industrial city of Turkey in Aksaray with the power of common mind".