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Added Date : 18-12-2018

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ahiler Development Agency under the cooperation of institutional trainings are continuing.

The training of Diction and Speaking techniques, which were organized free of charge for the members of the ATSO and citizens, took the full mark by the participants and the program was attended by the ATSO Board of Directors.

Dictation and Beautiful Speech is very important in daily life indicating that the Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman of the Board Cuneyt Goktas, in his speech; Lar Our Corporate Trainings continue to provide great skills and information for the benefit of our members and citizens.

Our Diction and Beautiful Speech training, which was organized immediately after our E-Commerce Education, was received by our participants. To our participants, Effective conversation-self-confidence relationship (self-confidence games), Breath exercises Exercise sound from the curved flute (exercises about speech organs), Accent information and exercises, Perception concentration and teamwork study Toning knowledge and exercises Phonetic knowledge and exercises Speech language and body exercises of effective speaking and persuasion are explained.

In this sense, I hope that all participants will be well educated. As ATSO, the importance we attach to education increases day by day. In this sense, we will have training in the field of Cost Accounting which is closely related to the Business World on 20-21 December. All our members and citizens are also invited to this training. Bu