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Added Date : 17-01-2018

The statement made by ATSO President Koçaş also stated that "Trademark Application, Design Application, Patent / Utility Model Applications will be made to the ATSO members within the scope of the protocol signed between Destek Paten A.Ş and Odamız in the presence of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority.

As you know, the weight of knowledge and innovation is increasing day by day. Our country, like every other area, continues to grow and develop in the field of industrial property, in the name of the world. The world has now become a race for countries and cities where new ideas have emerged in every area. With the emergence of new ideas and brands, the number of trademark and patent applications, which are the main indicators of development, are also increasing steadily.

Turkey currently is competing with European countries in the field of trademark and patent. We are more successful in the field of brand and design. From 2011 onwards, over 100 thousand trademark applications have always been the most frequent trademark applications in Europe. Turkey made the most design applications in European countries in the ranking second in the world, is situated in fourth.

Unfortunately, the number of registered and branded products in our county is very small, while the numbers in our country are very good. We, Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, are working in various fields to remove this situation. One of them is the protocol we made with Destek Paten A.Ş. Hopefully with this protocol, we will have more trademark registration applications in our city, especially our members. I hope the deal will be good. "