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Added Date : 12-04-2017

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Ahmet Koçaş, Deputy Chairman Murat Koyuncu, Deputy Speaker Özhan Türemiş, Member of the Board of Directors Yasin Kuyucu, Members of the Board of Directors Rafet Altınpınar, Cebrail Cinar, Ahmet Kulak and General Secretary Murat Yılmaz The ATSO Mission visited Fatih Vocational and Technical Lisesi and found recommendations for the students.

ATSO President Ahmet Koçaş stated that the vocational high school formed the rib of the country's industry and after the visit to the vocational high school he made a statement saying "Today we visited Fatih Vocational and Technical Lisesi which is one of the important schools of our province. This is one of the important learning institutions of our province, where we have graduated and educated many students to our industry and business life.

We know very well in our province that the hardship of the business world is the worst of the hardships that most people live today. Today, Aksaray's main problems are the ones who know the work that comes to the job, and the confusion of the personnel is constantly emerging. We told our students today how to solve this problem. The students who study in our vocational high schools are also taking their foot in business life with arrows. In theoretical knowledge classes, applications are learned during their internship. Our colleagues in the Assembly and the Board of Directors each talk about this matter to our students in a class. They told me that their future is very good and that they will be in very good places if they take good courses. We have seen from our eyes that our students have done a very fruitful and beautiful lesson and that they make very good grades from these lessons. I hope everyone will contribute to our knowledge and our industry will be a part of our future "