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Added Date : 05-09-2017


2017-2021 Period Odamız Organ selection will be held in October-October 2017 and to participate as a voter in Chamber Chamber and Assembly elections in this election period in accordance with the Regulation on the Organizing of Chambers of Turkey and Borsaors, published in the Official Gazette dated 19.01.2005 and numbered 25705, and the Chamber of Deputies of Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Delegation, the Board of Directors and the Discipline Committee.

In order for our organs organ selection to be healthy and not to be a victim by using the right to choose and elect all our members; We will keep the records of our employees open to the examination of our members for 10 days from the publication date of this announcement and within this period they will confirm the correctness of our members by checking their records in the following matters. They will correct if there is a difference between their situation and the Odamız registry.

The amendment shall be amended by registration in accordance with the law on matters dealing with the Trade Registry, and with respect to the Registrations of the Chamber, application by petition shall suffice.

In accordance with the Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of 5174 and the Chambers and Stock Exchange Act and the election regulations mentioned above,

1) Members who did not declare this situation and whose taxpayer registration fee was not included in the last two calendar years and who have left their registered address in our office have been suspended by the Board of Directors of Odamız. In this case, our members will not be able to use the right to be selected and selected before the suspension is downloaded. Suspended members need to be removed from the suspension in order to be able to download them from the hanger and register them to the Occupation Groups and selection lists of elections.

2) Real persons who are representative of legal entity members should be registered with the Trade Registry as authorized to perform binding transactions on behalf of the company at the company owner, partner management board member, general manager, managing director, general manager assistant, unit manager and branch manager. This must be at least 6 (six) months in advance. In the last six months, if there is any change, and if there is any change, registration to the trade registry is required.

3) We must check the registered addresses of all our members in our office and the addresses they are in.

4) We must check the consistency of all members' tax registration numbers with those in our Ombuds records.

5) Check the consistency of all the members' identity numbers with the ODA registration records.

6) In the case that there is no request for review and correction, the correctness of the Odamız records shall be deemed accepted by the member.

Your position will be reviewed and your suitability for the above criteria will be checked and announced within 10 days from the date of the announcement that your Odamız registration should be corrected.



Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Chairman of the Board of Directors