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Added Date : 20-08-2020

28 Country Store to and from the LCW 608 Wakiki at the beginning of Turkey's textile giant, Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone on an area of ​​560 thousand to 350 thousand mt2 mt2 covered area by 2020 making the largest investment.

Cüneyt Göktaş, Chairman of the Board of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who made a statement on the subject, said; “As a result of our meetings with LWC Wakiki officials over the past months, good luck to Aksaray, the biggest investment of 2020. For days, we had invited the company officials to our city, talking about the advantages of Aksaray, its potential, and its opportunities. Aksaray Governor Hamza Aydogdu, our MPs, Mayor Universe Dincer, Organized Industrial Zone Directorate and Organized Industrial Zone Businessmen Association, our have mobilized in order to bring our city of this investment and we finally give the factory Future Turkey's industrial city of LCW Wakiki. Within the scope of this investment, a textile factory will be built in our Organized Industrial Zone on an area of ​​560 thousand square meters, in which 350 thousand square meters of closed building and 4000 new jobs will be provided. We have been calling on investors since the day we took office. Aksaray is a unique city for investors in every field. Earn at every point of investment, where the problems experienced in big industrial cities are not experienced. We have stated over and over that it is a city he brought. All investors, after feasibility of these points that we defend, take a decision to invest in Aksaray, knowing how correct it is. At this point, I call out to all our investors. Come to Aksaray and let us share with you the accuracy of investing in Aksaray. Our have a motto "The Future of Turkey's industrial city of the construction in Aksaray Do We," said this slogan our way to Taking studies we, expressing wish that last year the largest investment will be beneficial to our city to gain that invested contributed to the Aksaray Our Governor Hamza Aydogdu, our MPs, Mayor Universe Dinçer said, "I would like to thank our Organized Industrial Zone Directorate and the Organized Industrial Zone Businessmen Association."