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Added Date : 11-12-2017

Industry, tourism and agriculture in Aksaray, Aksaray, while taking the steps to become a brand city, the urban transformation has come to the business world at the point where the city will breathe.

Ahmet Koçaş, Chairman of the Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, underlined that the urban transformation project must come to life as soon as possible in order for the city to come to a better point.

Koças said that he made a statement "Aksaray has entered a rapid growth potential in recent years. Especially the successes shown in the field of industry have also increased the interest of tourism in the city.

When we look at the whole of Turkey, which is taking steps towards becoming a Brand City, we see that the urban transformation projects have become the foreground. We know and follow that Aksaray has the project in this sense.

Aksaray Among the biggest dreams of our Mayor, we know that Aksaray is a brand city. In this sense, we observe that the Urban Transformation project is inevitable as representatives of the business world.

We always advise that Aksaray will be the biggest supporter of the projects and the steps to be taken to develop and grow, to be a brand city in the environment and in the region. Aksaray Mayor Haluk Şahin We are ready to give our support immediately if Yazgı takes a step to the urban transformation project. Here we want our President to present the New Industrial Project and the urban transformation of Efor's project to the subdued output project.

The growth and growth of a city is connected with everything. Industry, Tourism, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Social Life are all interconnected. When we looked at these things in Aksaray Industry, Agriculture, Livestock has reached very good point. Great steps have been taken in tourism. What is most missing is social life and urban transformation. If we overcome these shortcomings, then Aksaray will be a Brand City.