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Added Date : 07-12-2017

The Aksaray Business World reacted greatly to the fact that President of the United States Trump stated that they would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in the days we passed.

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Ahmet Koçaş stated that there is no such right of America and that the possible initiatives will not be accepted by Muslims.

Koçaş stated that; "Since the days of President Trump of the United States, it is now irrelevant and provocative to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, where the Muslim Aqsa, the first mosque of the Muslims, is home to billions of Muslims , Will declare hatred, hatred and enmity against the US Today, there are three sacred places in Jerusalem, and the Trump of America is about to wage a war against Muslims and Christians, where a great game revolves and the world is drifting towards war. This is the last point of the mosque, and the top officials of our country, the last of the Muslims, gave the highest authorities in the moment of the necessary reaction.We would like to know that Aksaray is the real world of such a hadith as business world we are behind all the steps that our State has to take. "