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Added Date : 29-08-2018

Cuneyt Göktaş, Chairman of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Fatih Tekin, Assembly President, issued a message on August 30, 1922, to commemorate the Great Attack, which resulted in victory in Mustafa Kemal's command in Dumlupınar.

The young, the elderly, women by men and to the Turkish territory of the resulting heroic armies of the nation's bosom in unity-solidarity from all regions, the saga wrote that President draws ACCI gold on August 30, Meteors, in his written statement on "30 August, one of the biggest victories of the Republic of Turkey this year we celebrate with great joy. Our country has achieved a great victory in Dumlupınar in 1922, thanks to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his heroic army and the hereditary commander-in-chief.

These nations are such a nation that while the country is in a difficult situation, a young, elderly woman is a nation that brings together a childless child and sacrifices a minute for a flag and a homeland without considering her life. This nation is in the Yüreğim Alemlerin Efendisine İman, Fatih in his Justice, Mustafa Kemal in the heart of the country and the flag lies.

Those who know how to win by the spirit of unity and solidarity from hundreds of games that play on the war will know sooner or later the winner of the war that opened through the economy in the period we are in. As Aksaray business world, we will always be with our State and our Nationality. "

Parliament Speaker Fatih Tekin in the written statement on August 30 emphasized the importance of unity and solidarity message.

In the statement bearing the signature of ATSO Assembly President Fatih Tekin; "The date of August 30, 1922, against the imperialist powers who wanted to capture the Turkish nation; the day of the victory of the victory and the victory of the woman and the child, and the fighting and the national self, These lands, which were won with the blood of the martyrs and not easily obtained, would of course not be easily lost. The intrigues and games of the enemies that lasted for years, perhaps centuries, would have been fruitless. Here, every citizen who considers the land he lived in consciousness. He won this great victory by showing great struggles at the expense of his family, his family and his children.

It is a great victory for the Turkish nation that our lands were cleaned from the enemy on 30 August 1922. On this happy day, while glory and gratitude to the heroic Turkish Army and Atatürk, who gave victory to us, and to our heroic army, please celebrate Victory in our nation. "