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Added Date : 15-08-2018

The clearest message to the increasing exchange rates of the United States of America with its uninterrupted requests and finally the enforcement of sanctions has come from Aksaray.

Played on Turkey made a statement as to the economic war ACCI Chairman Cuneyt Meteors, the combination of the Turkish people and the business community expressed're going to win this war.

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chairman of the Board of Directors Cüneyt Göktaş signed the press statement that the lack of ambiguity in the market was underlined.


ATSO President Göktaş said in a written statement; "Under house arrest in Turkey US citizen Reverend Andrew Brunson released the grounds of the Washington administration of our country launch a economic war our nation's perseverance, we will win sooner or later with the national stance and decisive action of our business. Foreign exchange to leave the Republic of Turkey in a difficult situation by the United States will respond to the mobility of workers by removing the best answer to market our feet again. Everyone who trades in this country, earns money, eats bread, and breathes air is a part of this gospel.

This is the time to give the best fight against those who want to sink us. This nation which has been tried to be destroyed by the table-top games that have been fighting with history, will not allow such games after this.

Who come to work every state in the country without discrimination on sanctions put shield in Turkey will be there when the United States realized that he would never succumb to the threats we wonder.

As the President of the Republic of Turkey said, if they have plans, then Allah has an account and our servants have a plan. The greatest task that we have here is to make sure our business world is better than the environment it is in. We can accomplish this by producing not only as a tool for perception operations in the markets but also by reviving the markets.

This nation is not a nation that will submit to the sanctions of the foreign powers and the economic war, even though it has not yielded even to the greatest treasure inside like 15th of July. Throughout history, the games played on our state have been ruined many times, and in these games our empire will not reach with the will of our Lord and the determination of our nationality.

In this sense, Aksaray Business World will continue our efforts in order to contribute to our country with our unity and cooperation by doing all necessary work ".